*$300 Down Payment is included in price.*

(refunded upon completion of duties on sign-off sheet after event)

Day Pricing

Monday - Thursday

Available hours: 8am-1am
Any 5 hrs $1,050.00
Any 8 hrs $1,150.00

Any 10 hrs $1,350.00


17 Hours (8am till 1am) $1,650.00


17 Hours (8am till 1am) $1,750.00


17 Hours (8am till 1am) $1,650.00

Package Pricing

Two-Day Weekend Package

Friday 8am till Sunday 1am

(41 hours) $2,150.00

Three-Day Weekend Package

Friday 8am (all day Saturday/Saturday night) 

till Sunday 8pm $2,700.00

Holiday Package

2-Day Package

(starts at 8am on 1st day, ends 1am on 3rd day)

41 hrs $2,350.00

Included with rental:
Included with rental:

With the price of your rental, we include up to 185 Lifetime chairs, 20 round tables, and 5 rectangle tables.

Additional tables may be rented, as well as up to 100 outdoor chairs.

Outdoor chairs may be rented for an additional price of $450.00