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Main Hall

       The serene 5,000 square foot main hall is crowned in cascading ivory and white gossamer.  The walls are covered in beautiful ivory draperies and adorned with a huge antique chandelier in the center of the room along with 6 additional crystal chandeliers, all of which can be adjusted for the perfect ambiance. Together, the decorations take the room from an informal meeting hall to a romantic and enchanting space perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirements, or family reunions.

       Two big-screen televisions, a sound system, and dance lights transform the hall into a party palace that will rival any of the great dance clubs and truly must be experienced in person. It is the heartbeat of the party!

       The hall is furnished with a stage, spotlights, wedding dance lights, and lasers that dance with the bass of the music. The sound system is set up to be user-friendly; both D.J.’s and individuals will appreciate the soundboard’s ease of use. Music emanating from two huge towers of Peavy Brand speakers will get all party-goers on the dance floor!

CnC Main Hall

Bride's Sanctuary


       The Bride’s Suite is a quaint sanctuary for the Bride and her Ladies, featuring a lovely room that is always decorated for each season. It offers the Bride or person of Honor a place to change wardrobes, rest, and have a moment to reflect.

       For Brides on their wedding day, it is also a memorable place to hug their special someone before being handed over to their waiting groom or to steal a kiss from their handsome new husband before being announced to the world as Mr. and Mrs.!

Outdoor Setting

       Facing the entrance of CnC Event Hall is a 16,000 sq. ft lawn with St. Augustine grass surrounded by tall Crepe Myrtle trees that bloom during the summer with beautiful white flowers. A classic covered walkway with enchanting string lights guides guests into the building from the parking lot. Adjacent to this stands a southeast-facing, 10 by 12 ft Cedar pergola which makes for an elegant outdoor wedding altar and can easily be adorned with your own drapery or flowers to create the perfect aesthetic; the background of which presents a beautiful sunset cascading over the trees.

CnC Pergola
CnC Background with Oak Tree

       On the opposite side of the building spreads a three-acre lot filled with green grass and stunning Oak and Cedar trees. This area is often used as a background for a bridal photoshoot because no matter the green leaves of summer or the orange and brown colors of fall, it makes for a fantastic view.

       The parking lot includes stadium-style “dusk to dawn” lights as well as outdoor security cameras; we do require you to book a police officer to be on the grounds during the party to ensure everyone's safety.

Now Renting...

The C-n-C House

A beautiful home perfect for small showers or a bridal party getaway.

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