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Catherine & Patrick Copeland

"One does not always get what they dream of…sometimes they get something better!"

      In the fall of 2013, Patrick and Catherine Copeland set out to purchase a building to be used as a car shop to store Mr. Copeland’s 1940 Willys show car; that was his dream. They found and acquired the building that is now known as CnC Event Hall and looked forward to creating his new space.

      However, soon after the purchase of the building and while designing the layout of the newly found shop, Mrs. Copeland started receiving calls. Unbeknownst to her, the building had been previously rented for weddings and there were upcoming events that she had not known about. Mrs. Copeland could not ruin the plans of these upset brides, so she allowed the weddings to go on as scheduled. This is where one dream dies and a better dream is born.

      Mr. & Mrs. Copeland soon realized that this building had a calling and a need.  They quickly remodeled the building, transforming it from just a metal warehouse with no landscaping and no interior design to the beautiful and elegant building it is today. The ceilings and walls are now covered in cascading ivory draperies. An opulent antique chandelier that commands your attention was hung, a charming bride’s room was created, and additional lighting with an enormous sound system was installed. They then continued by adding a covered walkway and a classic pergola, paired with complete landscaping.

      Thus, the elegant CnC Event Hall was born. Since the Copelands' purchase in 2013, CnC Event Hall has been the destination of many Weddings, Family Reunions, Retirement Parties, both adult and child Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Sweet 16 Parties, Super Bowl celebrations, School Banquets, Christmas gatherings… and the list goes on.

      By letting go of one dream and remodeling the building, Mr. and Mrs. Copeland’s new dream is now bigger and better than ever! Mr. and Mrs. Copeland warmly invite you to come and be a part of their journey! 

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